Links We Liked

Here’s the first of a new feature for our blog – a run-down of some of the things we read, liked, and wanted to share. Here’s what’s we’ve been reading lately:


I was looking for money–I’ve got enough ideas. Found this: SoCap 09

Gotta read up on the competition. Innovations in Mobile Banking: The Case of M-Pesa. Oh, Olga.

Mark Hemsworth mentioned it and curiosity got the best of me–it usually does. Craigellachie, BC?


Exactly what I was looking for: balanced reasoning on why Obama deserves the Nobel.

From the man whose witty links-posts inspired this one, Chris Blattman comments on a question started by Wronging Rights: “Who’s afraid of the big, bad market?”


…is M.I.Burkina.  Last we heard, he was enduring the heat with a new buzz cut and eating a pain au chocolat before heading to a West African hip-hop show.  We’ll try to feel sorry for him.


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