Links We Liked


Nostalgia in high momentum form.

Forget development–the actual toughest job out there.

Learning about my breakfast cereal of choice.


Interesting debate: An African assessment of African governance versus the academic freedom of Western researchers. I give style points to the former.

Wafer thin margins for those selling old t-shirts (do you miss your “Waco Texas Swim Club” t?) from the US (and Canada) in Liberia.

I wish I were home to see this movie. Sigh.


Maslow in Africa: A Hierarchy of Opportunity

FSRP paper states the government has not focused on eliminating real “market failures” that small holders face and suggests 7 areas that need attention.


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Working to include smallholder farmers in agricultural markets, we know there are no easy answers. This blog is a place to ask "What does it take to make it work?" and to share what we're seeing and learning.
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