This is where it starts:

A farmer wakes at daybreak to ready his oxcart for the market.

He pulls his cattle from the crow and leads them into the yoke. He fastens a rope over the sacks of grain that represent a season’s worth of investment – money for seeds and fertilizer, a favourable rainfall, back breaking work to weed and harvest, and a lot of luck.

It’s cold and quiet. In the distance, the sky begins to glow with the rising sun. With a short whistle, he sets off on the first of many rocky miles, anxious for what awaits him at the market.

This is what we’re about:

The three of us work for Engineers Without Borders Canada in Zambia and Malawi, where we’re partnered with local organizations and companies that are working to include small holder farmers in agricultural markets.

This blog is a place for us to ask the question:

What does it take to make this work?

We know that small holder access to markets is important; we also know that there are no magic bullets. So the plan is that there is no plan. We’re inclined to act and to learn, with one eye on the whole – the complex system of agricultural development – and the other on the tacit – behaviours and relationships, trust, wealth, and power.

The last and most difficult mile of most development projects is our first. With this in mind, our feet on the ground and our eyes wide open, this is an account of what we’re seeing and learning.

Thulasy, Hans, Graham


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Working to include smallholder farmers in agricultural markets, we know there are no easy answers. This blog is a place to ask "What does it take to make it work?" and to share what we're seeing and learning.
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